Understanding the Circadian Rhythm

Have you ever been curious about what processes regulate the daily ebb and flow of human life? What is the internal clock, and how does it work?

Binge Watching TV at Night

Your circadian rhythm is commonly referred to as your sleep/wake cycle. This is the part of your natural functionality that controls when you get tired in a day, and it is heavily influenced by things in your environment, like sunlight. It’s very important to allow it to function properly, or you might encounter issues that require effort to correct. Here are some important facts to know about the circadian rhythm.

The Hypothalamus

The circadian rhythm is controlled in the brain by your hypothalamus. This is what records or senses the changes in the daily light and dark cycles of the day. It is also responsible for why it’s more difficult for people to sleep during the daylight hours. When this system gets out of sync or lacks a sort of cohesive consistency, exhaustion and fatigue are inevitable consequences. To achieve complete health, it is very important for you to observe your circadian rhythm, and give your body what it needs during the appropriate times, or both your physical and your mental health will begin to fail.

Changes in Your Sleep

As you get older, your circadian rhythm will change automatically to accommodate your current level of development. People who are in their teens require more sleep than those in their 40’s and 50’s, where people in their 70’s are likely to require more sleep than people in their 40’s and 50’s, because older bodies needs more rest to keep them functioning at an efficient level. Each and every person should learn to listen to their body to discover exactly what it is that their body needs, so that they can reach their optimal amount of health.

Avoid Pitfalls

In modern life, there are a number of distractions and pitfalls that can get in the way of your sleep. It is becoming customary or people to binge watch television shows for hours at a time into the dawn, without regard for their circadian rhythm, but studies have shown that this practice is resulting in less restful sleep for people who engage in the practice. It’s always a good idea to turn off any screens or lights so that your mind can rest properly. Knowing what to do can help keep your circadian rhythm intact.

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