How Babysitters Can Encourage Kids To Go To Sleep

Are you a babysitter that tucks the kids into bed at night? Sleep is an important part of every child’s development, and as a babysitter, it’s part of your responsibility to make sure they get it! But sometimes the kids don’t want to cooperate. Here are some tips you can use to get them in bed.

Babysitter and Child

Ask Them Nicely

If you are mean to them, obviously they’re not going to want to listen to you. From their view point, you’re the bad guy. If you stay on their good side by being nice to them, they’re more likely to listen to you.

Be Serious

Use a firm, serious tone. Sometimes kids have a hard time figuring out if you’re serious or just fooling around. Make sure they understand that when you say ‘Bed time,’ you mean business.

Wear Them Out

Have them run around, do jumping jacks, go outside, anything. If they’re tired, they’ll go to sleep. Just don’t do it too late in the evening, or you may end up with hyper, wound up kids, instead of tired kids.

Kids Playing

Use Your Magical Potions

Okay, maybe we know they’re not magical, but the kids don’t. Try mixing apple juice and orange juice, call it sleepy medicine, and all of a sudden, the kids are very tired. You don’t even have to stick with liquid potions, other foods work too. Just make sure they aren’t allergic to anything in your potions.

Warm Milk or Cocoa

Give them a warm drink before bed, with the parent’s approval if you’re babysitting, like hot cocoa or warm milk. The best warm milk recipe calls for one cup of milk, a dusting of cinnamon sugar, and some vanilla flavoring. It’s a zesty and delicious treat! My four-year-old granddaughter calls this “nice warm milk”, as if nice and warm are required words, instead of just adjectives.

Hot Cocoa

Do A Wind Down Activity

Read them a bedtime story, give them a back rub, sing a lullaby. This creates a relaxing environment that calms them down and gets them ready for sleep.

Quiet Down With A Movie

This can be watched on the iPad or cell phone, while laying in bed.

Get Rid of Any Monsters

If the child is afraid of monsters or something of the like, bring a spray bottle of water and say, “It’s Monster Go-Away Spray! It’s my secret potion! So you have to promise NEVER to tell anyone!” Goodnight!

Turn On A Nightlight

Get a nightlight. If the child is scared, they’re not going to go to sleep. A simple nightlight will fix the problem in a jiffy. Cuddling up with a favorite stuffed animal can help them feel secure, too.

Stuffed Animal for Bedtime

If you’re a parent, you might want to go over some of these ideas with your babysitter, plus any others that you know might work with your kids.

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