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The internet is an amazing source of information that has ushered in an information age like nothing we have ever experienced. When you need to learn something new, we now turn to the internet first and to book resources after that and then only as a last resource.


So it stands to reason that when you want to learn more about how to analyze and interpret dreams, you would come to the internet first.

There are two levels of helpfulness that the internet can help you with when you want to know more about how to interpret dreams in general and how to interpret your dreams in particular.

Dream Analysis Education

The first level of helpfulness is in the area of education. Dream analysis is a huge field of study that has had a great deal of scholarly work done on it by some of the finest minds in medical and psychiatric science. Ever since Freud and Jung brought dream interpretation into the mainstream of psychology, the field has exploded with interest and study.

The outcome is that, like many areas of expertise, you can find huge volumes of data online about what has been learned about the subconscious, and how the substance of our dreams can be interpreted to learn more about the mind and what is going on under the surface in the subconscious.

A Bit of Caution

While the goal of seeking to learn all you can about dreams and how to understand them is entirely valid, there is a level of caution to be used when you look to the internet for that information.

Dream interpretation is a field that seems to attract a lot of people who do not handle the topic in a scholarly way. And since the internet is a breeding ground for anyone with the money to buy a web site and a theory to promote, you can easily stumble into a lot of dream analysis sites that are promoting far fetched ideas, concepts of interpretation that take you into fortune telling or the occult or just crazy theories that people come up with that have no grounding in science.

So be alert that when you seek to expand your knowledge about dream analysis using online sources. Be careful who you study so you only deal with respectable sources.

Interpreting Your Own Dreams

The second level of research that you might use the internet for concerning the understanding of the dream life is how to interpret your own dreams. This gets trickier, because if you are seeking an actual diagnosis of what your dreams might be telling you, using an online resource for that diagnosis is questionable at best. Now, you can tap online dream dictionaries to understand the cultural imagery that may be appearing in your dreams.

But dreams are very individual things, so there is a limit to how specific an online analysis web site can get about what your dreams really mean to you.

If you know that limit and know how to use the internet wisely without letting it take you places in your interest in dream interpretation, the internet can be a wonderful valuable tool to help you take one more step to understanding the life of your subconscious.

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