Lucid Dreams

First Steps to Lucid Dreaming

Whether dreams are visitations of the gods or not, the ability to interact in a meaningful way with ones own sub-conscious mind is a powerful tool.

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Narcolepsy – A Rare Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy can be diagnosed and treated with various drugs. If left untreated this sleep disorder can ruin a person’s life.

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Online Dream Interpretation

There are two levels of helpfulness that the internet can help you with when you want to know more about how to interpret dreams in general and how to interpret your dreams in particular.

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Snoring Man

Herbs That Can Help You Stop Snoring

If you’d rather try natural treatments first, here are some herbal remedies that can help treat the underlying causes of snoring.

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Nightmares and Night Terrors

Nightmares and Night Terrors – A Frightening Sleep Disorder

Nightmares and night terrors can seem like a very scary type of sleep disorder to both the parents and the children involved,

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Light Therapy for Sleep

Using Light Therapy to Beat Insomnia

Influences from our jobs, families, friends and hobbies, can often push us out of our natural sleep rhythm cycle. And that is where light therapy come in.

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Nocturnal Eating

Nocturnal Eating Syndrome – A Food Related Sleep Disorder

Nocturnal eating syndrome is a sleep disorder that is characterized by compulsive raids on the refrigerator at night. It is one of two eating disorders that are related to sleep.

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Child Sleep Walking

Children With the Sleep Disorder of Sleepwalking

The sleep disorder of sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, affects approximately 14% of school-age children between five and twelve years old at least once.

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Go to Sleep

Listen to This and You Will Sleep!

Are you having trouble sinking into a deep, restful sleep? Does insomnia have you tossing and turning all night? Well, grab your headphones and go to sleep!

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Baby Sleeping with a Pacifier

How A Tube Top Can Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

One of the most important things you must try and establish as a parent is getting your baby to learn to fall asleep on his own. These tips can help!

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Sleep Study Medical Report

What to Expect at a Sleep Disorder Overnight Sleep Center

Although a sleep study may not sound comfortable, it’s really not that bad, and it is very important to determine and treat any sleep disorder you may have.

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A Tired Tennager

Is Your Teenager A Night Owl?

If your teenager has trouble falling asleep and always wants to stay up late, be aware of the possibility that a specific sleep disorder may be present.

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